Vegan Transition Coaching

My vegan transition coaching package is designed to help lead you on the start of your vegan journey. It can be difficult at times to rearrange your whole life based on a whole new set of beliefs and rules, but with my help, the change will not only be seamless, it will be fun! You will learn everything you need to know to be vegan in a non-vegan world and more.

The standard package includes: 

24/7 virtual support

At the grocery store and not sure about the ingredient list of a product? Dealing with social pressures at a family gathering and not sure how to handle it? Reach out via email or text message anytime for immediate support.

1-hour meeting per week

Virtual or in person. Spend an hour discussing your progress, going over any questions you have, etc.

What you’ll receive

– Ongoing + updated list of vegan food products on  the market and where you can purchase them

– Clear + concise information on why veganism is a great choice, broken down into three categories: health, animals + the environment

– List of whole-food plant-based foods
– Endless simple + delicious recipes

– Ongoing + updated list of vegan restaurants and restaurants that offer vegan options

– Ongoing + updated list of vegan clothing and shoe companies, as well as vegan and cruelty-free beauty + household products

– Information + support regarding digestion in the beginning stages of your vegan transition

– guidance on how to adjust to your new life, and deal with social pressures and critique

1 month for just $200.00! Email now to set up your free consultation!

Local Add-ons 

Two grocery shopping sessions

Not entirely sure what to do with yourself at the grocery store? Then take me with you! I’ll help guide you through the store to ensure you are choosing foods you can create well-balanced meals with, introduce you to new products, and teach you how to read food labels. $50.00 for both sessions

Two cooking sessions 

Not entirely sure how to make a meal out of the new foods you’ve purchased at the grocery store? We’ll cook together and get familiar with the process. 1 lunch or dinner + 1 breakfast. $50.00 for both sessions

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