Plant Based Nutrition Coaching

Do you feel as though you know there is a way to be healthier but you just aren’t sure how to do it on your own? Whether you’re already vegan or still eating meat, transitioning over to a Whole Food Plant Based Diet can be tough at first, but once your relationship with food evolves it all becomes a delicious breeze! Eating well keeps us well, but in a world where food is eaten for fun, learning how to eat for health can seem extreme and boring–this is not the case! Eating a WFPB diet will keep you healthy, feeling well and in many cases, provide you with a greater sense of gratitude for our wonderful earth and all the wonderful foods it has designed to keep us well!

The benefits of eating a whole-food plant-based diet include: weight loss, lower risk of ever being diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, obesity or heart disease, better digestion, longevity, more energy and so much more!

The standard package includes: 

24/7 virtual support

Reach out via email or text message anytime for immediate support whenever you have a question or concern.

1-hour meeting per week

Virtual or in person. Spend an hour discussing your progress, going over any questions you have, etc.

What you’ll receive

– Diet planning based on your current weight, desired weight, health goals, etc.

– Clear + concise information on why a plant-based diet is a great choice, for your health, as well as the environment and other species

– List of whole-food plant-based foods

– Endless simple + delicious recipes

– Ongoing + updated list of vegan restaurants and restaurants that offer plant-based options

– Information and support regarding digestion in the beginning stages of your plant-based transition

– Guidance on how to adjust to your new life, and deal with social pressures and critique

2 month for just $350.00! Email now to set up your free consultation!

Local Add-ons 

Two grocery shopping sessions

Not entirely sure what to do with yourself at the grocery store? Then take me with you! I’ll help guide you through the store to ensure you are choosing foods you can create well-balanced meals with, introduce you to new products, and teach you how to read food labels. $50.00 for both sessions

Two cooking sessions 

Not entirely sure how to make a meal out of the new foods you’ve purchased at the grocery store? We’ll cook together and get familiar with the process. 1 lunch or dinner + 1 breakfast. $50.00 for both sessions