Superfoods or Chemotherapy?


Let’s talk about Cancer.

Have you ever heard of Vincristine? I am betting and hoping not!

Vincristine is first and foremost a plant alkaloid–which means that it comes only from plants. Vincristine naturally fights cancer. Natural sources of Vincristine can be found in well-known antioxidant-rich superfoods.

But more widely known, Vincristine is used as chemotherapy to fight Cancer. Vincristine Chemotherapy is made by growing massive amounts of algae and extracting the needed compound to help kill cancer. Then chemotherapy is administered. One gram of Vincristine costs $28,000.00 US dollars.

What does this tell us?

Cancer can be fought every single day by eating the right foods. “Chemotherapy” can take place three times per day depending on what we choose to put on our plates and into our bodies.

So why aren’t the medical industry and Big Pharma telling us that the way to reach homeostasis and optimal health is with a WFPB diet? Because a healthy population won’t support the current medical industry model the US has in place! The current model is disease management, not a “healthcare system.” 

Plants not only have the ability to curb cancer promotion in the body, but they also have the ability to treat and cure cancer. Did you know that everyone has cancer in their body?  Some people promote the growth of cancer cells by eating foods that promote intense cell growth, and some people eat foods that do not promote and even reverse the growth of cancer in the body. We live in a society that has grown to put an incredible amount of emphasis on getting lots and lots of animal protein so that we can grow and grow! And it’s not hard to see that we’ve succeeded in doing so with more than half of our population riddled with obesity. But what most people don’t realize is that animal-based proteins also support the growth of disease in the body.

Cells are constantly multiplying to keep themselves, and us alive. During this process, if a “mistake” is made a cancer cell will be produced. What hopefully, and usually happens is that the new damaged cell will realize that it’s weak and it will, with help of other cells kill itself off (apoptosis). If the body is full of cancer-fighting nutrition this will likely happen and cancer will never go from the initiation stage to the promotion stage. But, when this does not happen, and these damaged cells lose communication with the rest of the cells in the body it doesn’t know what to do and it begins to multiply at a rapid rate.

Additionally, the process of blood vessel development is called angiogenesis–If angiogenesis is “out of whack” it can end up feeding and supporting the cancer cells growth. Eating a WFPB diet is high in antioxidants which helps keeps damaged and diseased cells from multiplying. Furthermore, eating a Whole Food Plant Based Diet allows for angiogenesis, the production of new blood vessels, to live in “the Goldie Lox” state. Why is this important? Simply put, blood vessels feed and support cells, so if blood vessels are being developed at a higher rate than needed, cells, including cancer cells will multiply more rapidly. When angiogenesis is in the Goldie Lox state production is just right.

On the other hand, eating a diet high in animal-based proteins helps the damaged cancer cells to grow and multiply! Additionally, animal-based proteins do not affect angiogenesis thus, they do not help blood vessel production to reach the “Goldie Lox Zone.”

There is a plethora of science-based evidence to prove over and over again that the best prescription for cancer prevention and a cancer diagnosis is the whole-food plant-based diet. And all of this evidence is right at our fingertips–so, let’s not tie our hands behind our backs and put our lives in the hands of those who only wish to manage disease and make money, but not treat the true causes of such diseases, or provide proper information on how to best prevent disease in the first place. 

Love always + live well


The Content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

My personal non-medical suggestion is to always seek out a medical professional that has a background in nutrition and employs a holistic, functional medicine approach. 

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