Simplify Your Life with One Simple Question


It has been an ongoing goal of mine to simplify the way I live—not only by removing physical items from my life that no longer serve me but by removing actions as well.

For many of us removing actions and habits can be tougher than letting go of physical objects so, I have developed an unorthodox way of helping me gauge whether I need to eliminate an action from my life. Not only is it unorthodox, it can also be quite amusing, and I would like to share it with you in hopes that it may help you as it has helped me!

Now let me preface this by explaining that it does not have to come from a place of “belief, or religion”. I am not a religious person and the way I view “God” is not in the least bit traditional. But, being as though many do believe in one greater being that created our world and oversees us all, I took from that belief and created my little trick! Please know that I mean absolutely no disrespect, I am open to all beliefs and, truly, I could not allow this trick to guide me if I didn’t believe in the overall presence of a greater good!

let go

So here it is! When deciding on removing an action from my life I ask myself:

“When creating humans, is this what God would have intended?” I know that doesn’t sound too amusing but when you verbally have a conversation with yourself and what you believe God would say, things can get a little silly!


I’ve spent time and money painting the nails on my toes, and I like the way it looks, but is it worth it?

I ask, “is this something God intended to happen when creating humans?”

I cannot imagine God being like:

“You know, the nails on women’s feet should really be covered in paint. I know they don’t realize it just yet, but eventually, they will create toxic paints and spend their money to have someone else apply this paint. They’ll go every 2-3 weeks and Men will like them better so, eventually, I know they’ll come up with this great idea!” And if the response sounds that ridiculous, I remove the action.


I want to stop dying my hair and allow my body to go through its natural course. Grey hair at 31 is not very accepted in the society I live in but spending time and money to change who I am really seems like I am not accepting myself, and maybe I am scared others will judge me too.

“God, did you intend for women to dye their hair when it starts to lose pigmentation?”

“Well, you know I figured one day it would eventually catch on that women should cover their natural hair with dye so that they appear younger and men will like them more. I should have just made sure their hair never changed colors, but I was tired that day as creating an entire universe is exhausting and must have slipped my mind!”


I believe that we are all perfect and if there is an all-knowing being out there I believe that they made us in their image. Society creates ideals and boundaries for us and we gladly follow along with them. But many of the ideas and habits do not serve the highest good—dying my hair and painting my nails is not helping me to become a better person so, personally, I have decided these actions are not worth my time or money. If you are a person who does both and they make you happy, by all means, continue living your life! We are all unique and we require different things to make us the best we can be! There are always things we can let go of, and this trick helps me let go of the actions that personally do not serve me any longer. I hope that this simple and lighthearted trick can help you remove actions that are no longer serving you!

Love always + live well



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