The Truth Really Does Hurt [us and them]


(how we’d prefer to see them, right?)

As I closed my eyes to nap on the plane ride to Mexico City, I began thinking about all of the amazing cruelty-free food options I was about to be presented with. Mexico City has a very large vegan population and the city is dotted with vegan restaurants and several grocery stores. I felt so calm thinking about how nice it is to be able to not only nourish myself but also enjoy myself with foods that do not require harm and death.

And then it started; flashes of every video and pictures of animals being tortured and killed that I have had the sadness to see…

Cows being beaten with hammers.

Baby pigs being held by their hind legs and smashed repeatedly against the wall until they die. (common practice called thumping)

Baby lambs having their tails cut off and thrown on the floor so that shearing them becomes an easier task.

Chickens being stepped and stomped on.

Geese being so scared that they tried to escape and ended up piling on top of each other and most of them suffocated. I watched that–the geese flailing about, trying to get air, twitching until their lungs finally gave out and ironically gave them reprieve.

Workers taking turns belly flopping on pigs for fun and laughing when they’d die.

Rabbits with their skin burned off so that beauty companies can decide if a new chemical is safe for human application. (is taking the time to research cruelty free-vegan products a bigger inconvenience than the inconvenient life these animals will endure for their entire existence?)

Male baby chicks being forced into a grinder while they’re alive as they try to escape because their FEAR is real.

Male baby chicks being thrown in boiling water alive and screaming out of pain. (Because of the egg industry all male chicks are murdered upon birth as they serve no purpose)

Foxes being overfed so they’re so obese that they can’t move at all for the sake of fur.

A Mink being skinned alive so someone can wear her and feel luxurious.

Name an animal and I will tell you how they are being tortured right now by the hundred thousand, even millions. You’re probably wondering why I continue to expose myself to these horrible images and videos, well the answer is simple: Because we have to. We must open our eyes up to the suffering created at hands of man so that we can keep on fighting for what we believe in. I personally need the sadness and tears–I need the fire in my heart and the anger in my mind so I can stay fueled for one purpose: to spread compassion.

Compassion is not torture.

Compassion is not slavery.

Compassion is not murder.

Compassion is not injustice.

Compassion is not indifference.


Compassion is love.

Compassion is justice.

Compassion is respect.

Compassion is kindness.

We say we love animals. But what we mean by that is that we love some of them.

We do not love pigs, lambs, sheep, chickens, and turkeys.

Love is nowhere to be found in the way these animals are treated, and they are treated horribly because WE demand it with our dollars and our ignorance.

Dairy, meat and other animal exploitation companies want us to believe that what they are doing is acceptable. These companies spend 550 million dollars a year turning a negative into a positive (a very popular marketing strategy) so that we won’t see the very sad, grotesque and infuriating truth.

Here are a few common examples:

Instead of telling the truth about how 46 million turkeys are tortured and then murdered for our Thanksgiving meal we are shown cute photos of turkeys. Turkeys are salt and pepper shakers! Cloth turkeys are blown up and placed in people’s yard. We even call it Turkey Day, yet any other recognized “Day” usually doesn’t end in the killing of the being that is being recognized. (i.e. national puppy day, mother’s day, shark week)

Dairy and cheese commercials use a cow character and show how she is part of the family, looking after the kids as they go to school… When in reality she is being confined to a space so small that she can’t move, being repeatedly raped and then having her babies taken away from her over and over again.

How many chicken restaurants have you seen that have a chicken as their mascot? Why are we killing and eating our mascots? Is that not strange?

550 million dollars a year is spent with the sole purpose of keeping us blind, compliant and willing to spend our money so that these companies can continue to enslave, torture and murder innocent, sweet and loving beings that want nothing more than love and freedom.

Are we a compassionate species who self-reflects and takes care of those that need us?

Or are we a species that makes decisions without questioning ourselves and in turn causes horrific violence, terror, and murder every single second of every single day?

I believe we are truly compassionate and loving at heart. Let’s be kind, loving, thoughtful and compassionate. Let’s be who we believe we are. Let’s take the time to think about what we support. I know we have it in us. 

Love always & live well 

– NL


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