Bravo to Cave Men for Surviving!

A big argument in support of eating meat is that humans have been eating meat from the beginning of time. I will not question the validity of the statement “humans have been eating meat from the beginning of time”, although I certainly could as this is a blanket statement that does not provide enough information or statistics to properly support an argument worth debating. 


Instead I pose two questions directed at our ancestors and then at us:  

Why? Why did humans hunt, kill and eat animals in the time of the cave man?

There is one answer: To survive. When our ancestors could not harvest fruits, vegetables, plants, nuts and seeds due to travel or weather conditions they killed an animal to eat it for survival. 

What was the outcome? They survived (bravo ancestors!)

Why do present day humans eat meat? The answer is no longer survival. Present day humans do not face the same challenges as our ancestors when it comes to locating a proper food source.  

 The answer is that it is done out of habit, for the enjoyment of taste and because of misinformation.

What is our outcome? Heart disease, obesity, diabetes, death, deforestation, global warming, world hunger, species extinction, water depletion, and the murder of over 56 billion beings each year (not including fish and sea creatures–the number is so great that it surpasses the hundred billions!)  

Now we are in fact doing the exact opposite of what we need to do to survive!– we are killing ourselves by eating animals. we are literally not surviving, and we are destroying our planet as well.   

To provide integrity to the argument that meat was eaten by our ancestors so we should be eating it as well, we need to include why they ate meat, what it did for them, and what it currently does for us. And in doing so we realize that what it did for them, it does the exact opposite for us. When we take the time to ask questions and self-reflect we see that this argument quickly disproves itself.

And if we are truly concerned with the survival of our ancestors then we should be concerned with our own survival, (which of course includes the survival of our planet) and stop eating animals flesh and their secretions altogether.

Love always & live well 

 – NL

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