The Exclusive Human Ability to Self-Reflect has morphed into Absolute Power

ma cow

There are over eight million species on this planet. One of them is human and the rest are collectively known as animals. There is one ability that sets the human species apart from animals, and that is self-reflection.

Simply put, self-reflection is serious thought about one’s character, actions, and motives.

Animals do not have the ability to self-reflect but they do still feel pain, happiness, sadness, fear, and joy.

When a mother cow watches a human take her newborn baby away from her she does not think “That human is taking my baby away from me so that other humans can have my milk and my baby will probably be killed soon for veal” but she does have the ability to feel scared, worried and sad.

When an elephant loses a tribe member to poachers it does not think “Humans kill us because they think our tusks will make their lives better. They sell pieces of us and I think that is wrong” but it does grieve for a long time and practice mourning rituals to in a sense, honor the dead.

When an alligator is attacked in the middle of the night by a group of men it does not think “Why are these men attacking me and what do they want?!” But they are in fear, and they do feel the physical pain of the weapons being used to take their life.

This self-reflection is what gives us the power to affect the reality of our entire world, our environments, the experiences of others and the realities of all other species. We have dominion or control over the other species of this world and what are we doing with it?

Does dominion mean to take advantage of or to take care of? From what I see every single day it appears that it means to take advantage of.

To me, it doesn’t seem as though we are using our exclusive ability to self-reflect. If we were self-reflecting would we be so happily and mindlessly causing so much pain and terror in this world?; would we be destroying our earth and its inhabitants?

Are we using our power for good or for evil?

The answer is up to us.

Love always & live well

– NL

3 thoughts on “The Exclusive Human Ability to Self-Reflect has morphed into Absolute Power

  1. Wow, not sure how anyone can justify eating a cow after reading this powerful message. And drinking its milk, delighting in an ice cream cone, while the baby suffers and dies brutally.

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